Why Choose Lawyers Company Service?

Answer: We just focus on New Mexico.
(Washington coming soon!)

LCS can help you open your business in New Mexico.

We don’t try to serve all 50 states like many web based services. No service can do that and cover each state correctly – there are errors with most or all of these services!

What does this mean for you?

  • Our document forms are prepared and/or reviewed by NM licensed attorneys.
  • We keep track of the changes in laws and practice – nationally and in New Mexico.
  • Our documents and forms are complete and ready to sign – THERE ARE NO LOOSE ENDS!!
  • You can consult briefly with one of our attorneys – for free and with no obligation!

Other ways we can help

LCS can handle simple amendments to your corporation or LLC documents. These include:

  • Change of Name
  • Change of Purpose
  • Change of Authorized Stock (Corporation)

The cost of these amendments ranges from $69 to $99. For other kinds of amendments, please email us.

Foreign LLC / Corporation Registration

Lawyers Company Service, Ltd. can help you register your foreign LLC or corporation to transact business in New Mexico. Our fee, which includes the NM registered agent service for the first year, is $189 for a foreign LLC and $229 for a foreign corporation. If you supply the NM-based registered agent, the fee is $139 for LLC and $169 for corporation. In addition, the State of NM charges a filing fee of $100 per LLC and a fee between $200 and $1,000 per corporation. Just contact us, and we will send you a list of the information and documents needed.

Attorney Consultation

Do you have general questions about forming your LLC or corporation that you would like to discuss with a New Mexico attorney? Just click here to send us a message, and get information about setting up this free 20-minute consultation!

Change of Registered Agent

Do you need a new registered agent for your existing corporation or LLC? Simply click on the Registered Agent Service button and fill in the secure form! Our fee is $85 for the first year and $69 thereafter.

Expedited Processing and Delivery

The New Mexico Secretary of State processes the submitted Articles of Incorporation/Organization. The Secretary of State then normally mails the filed Articles back to us. This process can take 10 or more days, depending upon the workload of the Secretary of State’s staff.

If you need to speed up this process, there are two ways to do it:

      (a) Request Expedited Processing. We can submit an expedited document request to the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State currently is not charging the expedited processing fees, but is striving to give the filing accelerated turnaround. The turnaround will vary depending on their current workload.
      (b) Expedited Delivery/Pickup. We can have the papers delivered to the Secretary of State for filing and then have the completed papers picked up at the Secretary of State instead of mailed. Cost of Service: $75.

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