First, you choose your business form: Corporation or Limited Liability Company. Your professional adviser can assist you in this decision. Also see “Choosing Your Business Entity” page.

Here are the three simple steps in the process:


  • Fill Out the Form — Fill in the information on our easy-to-use online form
    (Consult our convenient Glossary to help answer questions you may have along the way.)
  • Other Options? — Decide on any other options needed, like tax forms and expedited processing
  • Review and Submit — Submit the data form and payment



Then we go to work!

  • We Process Your Order — usually by the second business day after we receive your order. We check your web site submission for accuracy and completeness, and also to see if the company name you select appears to be available. We email you right away if there are questions.
  • Registered Agent Option — LCS can serve as your initial Registered Agent. If you decide to furnish your own Registered Agent, we will email you a form (called Statement of Acceptance) to sign and mail back. See  side panel for more information.
  • We Send the Documents — After processing, we send your Articles of Incorporation or Organization to the New Mexico Secretary of State for filing.


  • NM Secretary of State — The Secretary of State processes your papers. (Initial information is usually available from the Secretary of State after 10 to 15 working days.)
  • We Send You Confirmation — We then confirm your filing on the Secretary of State web site and e-mail you a copy.
  • Complete Documents and Binder — When the official Certificate and Articles arrive from the Secretary of State, we complete the remaining documents in your package. Normally, you receive your completed document binder in 10-20 business days after we receive your completed order. NOTE: If you need a copy of your Articles of Organization/Incorporation sooner – we scan those when we receive them and can email you a copy.

See Expedited Service for your options to speed up this process.

Let LCS help you get your business started right!

What Your Complete Document Package Includes!

LCS provides a complete package of basic documents very similar to those produced by a major corporate law office. Your completed corporation or LLC document package includes a tabbed binder with the following:

Limited Liability Company

    • Articles of Organization, with Certificate of the NM Secretary of State
    • Operating Agreement, ready for signature by Members and Managers
    • Schedule of Members’ initial contributions and interests in the Company
    • Membership Certificates for the Members – up to 3 filled out


  • Articles of Incorporation, with Certificate of the NM Secretary of State
  • Bylaws
  • Director(s) Consent in lieu of required organizational meeting
  • Instructions for filing the Initial Corporate Report with the NM Secretary of State
  • Stock Certificates – up to 3 filled out, if you have supplied us with the information requested

Registered Agent Service

When forming a company in New Mexico, you must designate a Registered Agent that is a New Mexico resident or company. LCS typically will serve as the initial registered agent, but you may instead appoint yourself or another New Mexico resident. In that case, you will have to sign a separate document called a Statement of Acceptance that we prepare and email to you. The Statement of Acceptance has to be an original, so you will have to sign and deliver or mail it back to us to include with the Secretary of State filing. Obviously, this will delay the filing process.

If you are setting up the company yourself and want LCS to be your Registered Agent, we will send you the original Statement of Acceptance (duplicate originals, if you are qualifying an out-of-state entity).

We will send you an email memorandum outlining the costs and terms of our service as your company’s Registered Agent.

If you need to change from a previous Registered Agent, we can prepare and send you the form to be filed with the New Mexico Secretary of State ($25 fee required).

Other Documents

Original S Corp election, ready for signature and mailing, if you requested that option and provided us the related information. (Sent separately, $99 fee)

Original federal tax ID application, if you selected that option and provided requested information. ($70 fee)

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